Martin Patiño // DJ | Live

Cadenza, Freerange

Somewhere between electronic, classical and experimental music, we find Martin Patino, an eclectic producer whose extremely colourful output still maintains a coherence of style and concept. Born in Italy with Peruvian roots, Martin lets his house music free to absorb different elements from South American culture, experimental works from the 20th century, classic impressionism and Oliver Sacks’s neuroscience of music.

His various releases on famous labels such as Cadenza, Freerange, Moodmusic, Local Talk, Trapez, Suara and Rotary Cockail contributed to the creation of a solid and respectable discography, ranging from deep house to chill-out, including elements from techno music and experimental structures. “Hunter” on Cadenza Music, „Mindgames” on Suara Records, “Michal” on MBF Ltd and the beatless „Make Love” represent just four of the many works that do not respect any stylistic trend and that became timeless pearls.

His Live show generated enthusiasm around various dance floors, by playing a real cactus on stage like an instrument, spreading music all around Europe, with shows on Berlin, Milan, Barcelona, Kiev, Batumi, Zurich and many other places. The development of this young artist over the last few years makes him undoubtedly someone to keep our eyes on.

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